Newest Gym in Fareham for your fitness needs


There is a famous quote, ‘Take care of your body it’s the only place you have to live in’, likewise without a physical fitness, you would not have a healthy body and a healthy mind, which are necessary to enjoy all pleasures in the world.

Fitness is something that is being neglected easily by us. We as humans have forgotten that it’s the most fruitful gift given to us by the all mighty. The world today walks in a rapid pace; people don’t have time for their own body. Our body is a like a temple and it needs to be respected. The stronger we feel from inside, better we get while facing the ruthless world around us.

Exercising is becoming a dying trend and the main reason being the laziness of people, hence to overcome that and to maintain ones fitness, going to a place that will elevate your mood to exercise is needed and that why there are gyms and a gym of that sort is the gym fareham in sky lark that has got all the necessary features and amenities to attract people, an exercise friendly environment that would motivate people to aspire for fitness forever.

Sky lark golf and country club is situated in Whiteley, Fareham in Hampshire. The new gym they have opened in their club with new equipment helps you to get both a healthy body and inner peace of mind. It is more than just a gym, as there are yoga circuits, pilates and body combat classes conducted by professionals for the entire week.

Apart from them, the other facilities include cardiovascular area, fixed and free weights, resistance weights and a matted area for core work and stretching. In addition to gymming, you also get to enjoy their swimming pool, steam rooms, sauna, fine dining restaurant, 18 holes golf course with GPS golf carts, towels, robes, refreshments, drinks and many more, in short, a heaven.

This is a dream gym for anyone, moreover by becoming the member of skylark country club you get all of this without a joining fee.

Keep yourself fit for your dreams and live them better!


Reasons Why Should you play Adventurous Water Sports


Right from our childhood, games and sports have been the most engaging and entertaining activity even though there might be many other forms of entertainment. Sports bring out our natural and innate talent and help us to build a strong mental and physical coordination. When it comes to sports there are various kinds such as indoor, outdoor, soft sports and hard sports and these categorizations is based upon the kind of mental and physical stamina each sport requires, the medium it uses and the accessories and equipment it needs for playing. Many of them among outdoor sports require enormous physical strength and practice and among them sports played in water bodies are the most adventurous and toughest next to mountaineering and trekking kind of activities. Water sports such as surfboarding requires the surfers to slide over the surface of high tides in seas and there are specially made fins which are needed to do that.

Future fins are exclusively designed for the purpose of tough water sports where a lot of risk is involved as it is played in seas with good tides and fins comes in various sizes and designs depending on the surfer’s interests. It is highly important to check for the quality of the fins before they are used keeping in mind the risk involved in playing the water sports.

Sheffield Baseball Club – Rooftop Cubs Game


We had a very important meeting in the next week and unfortunately there was the most awaited cubs game of the year on the same day, as we hail from a baseball fanatic nation we did not have any thought of missing the thrilling game. Hence to manage this situation our management came with the idea of conducting the general corporate body meeting in the venue of the baseball club match and this was possible by reserving an exclusive all-star suite at the venue.

The luxury all-star suite of the stadium with its five star qualities and first class facilities was a perfect fit for both hosting a corporate body meeting and also to view the game from a rooftop. The meeting was successfully over a few minutes before the match started and then every one of us enjoyed and also had the ultimate game experience of our lives watching a rooftop Cubs game. It was double delight for the management as they were able to satisfy their employees and as well as witness the best sporting event.


For Sports persons to get back in full fitness after Sports Injuries


After a Sports Injury most of the sports people feel broke down as they fear that these injuries shall take a toll on their physical fitness and shall disrupt their prospects and success in Sports Arena. Now, understanding a Sports Treatment and Rehabilitation process at The Recovery Room can help them not to worry anymore after a Sports injury as it can help them to regain their fitness.


The Recovery Room Treatment and Rehabilitation process 

What an injured Sports person can Expect and How The Recovery Room works ?

The initial step before any treatment would be the consultation and this shall involve a complete understanding of the case by knowing the history of the Injury and aftermath symptoms and the impact of injury.

After the initial step of understanding the full case history and a thorough analysis of the injury, the Sports Therapist makes a detailed physical examination which would then decide the diagnosis and the specific treatment plan required for the case and it also requires the Therapist to check the alignment of the body.

It would be better to wear a comfortable clothing such as Shorts and Sports training tops that helps assessment.

The purpose of the assessment in The Recovery room is to make the person know the cause of the injury and to make them ensure the rehabilitation process prevents it from returning again.

The entire Treatment plan is carried out after obtaining the consent of the individual. Certain treatments can cause a pain or discomfort to the patient and this is taken care of by monitoring the levels of pain that can be perceived by the patient and at the same time without compromising on the efficiency of the treatment.


Various Treatment and Rehabilitation Services at The Recovery Room Sports Injury Clinic 

Therapies and Massages :

Soft Tissue Therapies that includes Manual Therapy – For Spine and Peripheral joints.

Trigger Point Therapy to relieve pain.

Ultra Sound and Electrotherapy modalities for Soft tissue Injuries

Remedial Massage, Sports Massage for injury treatment.


Analysis and Assessment techniques :

Posture analysis – To identify cause of symptoms from alignment.

Gait and biomechanical analysis – To analyse specific Sport activity.

Stretching – To improve Posture alignment.

Strengthening : Core stability assessment using bio feedback devices.


Sport and Occupation Specific Rehabilitation Service :

This is aimed at understanding the requirements of the Sports persons occupation, Sports practised, lifestyle and tailoring a specific programme accordingly.


Surfboarding in the ‘Surfboarding Capital of The West Coast’ – San Diego’s Top Five Beaches

Surfboarding sports and games are all about a person standing on a elongated board holding on to nothing and swiftly riding over the waves and when he reaches the edge of the tides, he moves on to the next wave arising towards him and surfboarding games are never so easy and requires constant practice, courage and stamina. There are exclusive surfboards and accessories available for these water sports. Till date Surfboarding is considered to be the most adventurous water sport and henceforth myself, along with my swimming club members decided for a Surfboarding trip in the ‘Surfboarding Capital of West Coast’, yes in San Diego’s beaches. Since, we are regular Surfers, we always wanted to use our own Surfboards instead of hiring them and hence we had to carry them in whichever beach we went for surfing.

Last time, our surfboards got damaged because of poor Surfboard bags and so this time I sought the advice of leading surf-boarders and bought very high quality surfboard bags for my surfboards from the Creatures of Leisure surfboard bags and also for all the members of my Surfboarding club too. Once after reaching San Diego, we inquired about the Top beaches there for surfboarding and found these – Torrey Pines State Beach, Pacific Beach, Children’s Pool Beach (La Jolla Beach), Ocean Beach and Mission Beach as the Top Five beaches of San Diego and had the most fun-filled Surfboarding of our lifetime there.

Best Wetsuits for Surfboarding practices and popular Water Sports

Water sports can give the best fun of a lifetime, when it is played with friends in groups with utmost protection using the best quality water sports accessories and equipments. As there are many kinds of water sports such as boating, surfboarding, kayaking and many more like that, each type of water sports requires its own accessories and equipment made and used exclusively for it. There are always two kinds of options available when it comes to using equipment for water sports and it is they can be either rented from exclusive shops dealing with for water sports accessories or buying it from them.

People who play water sports regularly shall better own equipment and who play once in a while just for fun shall rent them from on-line stores or water sports equipment renting shops nearby to beaches. At the same time, contrary to the general myth not all water sports require the skill of swimming, just by using the best of water sports equipments people can protect themselves while playing. Also, there are Best West wetsuits for Surfboarding practices and popular Water Sports available in the market using which Water sports can be played by people who are interested in playing it and do not want to get wet easily.

Best boat parts for Boating sports

Whenever life becomes dull or just goes as per our routine for a long time, we look for a change and people always want to be entertained whenever they get bored with their life. Even though there are many ways to get entertained, only two forms of entertainment really makes us get engaged completely through our full participation in it and these two are playing sports and going for a vacation. And if these two can be combined then that becomes a double delight, and can give the best fun and entertainment possible for people and vacation sports are the ones where people can have a vacation and at the same time can play sports. As no one is born with the skill to swim very few acquire it during their teenage and for those without the skill of swimming and still want to play a water sport, the best option for them is boating sports.

Boating when played with the best equipments and with all safety measures can give good fun and thrill. Also, boating can be played as groups with many people. Before playing boating, people need to ensure that the boat is in good condition and boat parts that are old and have undergone a lot of wear and tear should be replaced with best boat parts.

Tips to maintain Skateboard Ramps for Skateboard Sports Practices

Few months ago, we had decided to build a new skate ramp for kids and teens in our resorts. And we carefully hand-picked the best quality materials and got the best design from our architect and rolled it out. We had planned to open it up for the customers usage yesterday and unfortunately, the skate ramp was not ready fully and the delay was due to the paint we used for the skate ramps, the skate ramp paint had not get dried up and did not set to the surface and was still wet. Because of this, other works that was happening around it got spoiled and this became a serious problem to be fixed easily. The only solution was to repaint the entire skate ramp using high quality skate ramp paint that would get dry soon with one solid thick coat and should get set with the surface well and should last for a good time as it would undergo a lot of wear and tear. After reading several reviews in the internet and discussing with our architects, we finally found the best skate ramp paint which would be the apt solution for our problem and was a quick fix too when we used it.

Play Water Sports such as Boating and Surfboarding in Hawaii beaches

In this fast paced, money-minded world people are under too much of physical and mental stress and this makes them to face several health issues in due course of time as they do not get much time to concentrate on their health through diet and exercises. However, there is one option through which they can do exercise and at the same time have enough fun for the mind and it is nothing but through sports and recreational activities. There are few kinds of sports that are adventurous, very engaging, gives a lot of excitement and also offers fun of a lifetime and these are the water sports.

During my recent trip to beaches in Hawaii in decided to try water sports such as surfboarding, paddle up boarding, kayaking and as such and depending on the type of water stream and according to an individual’s interest there were a number of such options available in water sports. Water sports shall help us to burn large amounts of calories and hardened fat. And a water sport too requires its own sporting accessories such as boat supplies for boating related sports and best high quality equipment required for boating and other water sports can also be bought online. Using them tried to Play Water Sports such as Boating and Surfboarding in Hawaii beaches.

Enthralling Boating Sports in Hawaiian Islands

For this year’s vacation, I chose Hawaiian islands as there were a big archipelago of islands out there which shall offer the best fun time of my life and I was excited to see them all. When I searched in the Internet for a trip to Hawaiian archipelago, I came across several air travel ways and cruise lines for a sea travel. As nothing can be as exciting as a sea travel I decided to go for it. Also after reaching Hawaiian islands, I had to use ferry services to travel between smaller islands there like Molokai, Maui and Lanai. And after a couple of trips and for a change to do something adventurous and exciting I decided to have boating sports in the waters between islands. Tried all kinds of boating sports over there and the boat ride also was really an enthralling one and also before I went on to hire a boat I had to ensure my safety by checking the working condition of all the boat parts and also carried all the necessary boat accessories with me.

In addition to that, I carried few boat parts spares and boating gear to minimise the risk. Because, after my years of travel experience around the world, all I learnt was not to do something exciting during a travel at the cost of a life’s risk.